Monday, June 30, 2014

Out & about..

What a productive Monday. Finally home after a day out with the kiddos. I decided to go shopping today and just get out the house. We really enjoyed shopping, eating lunch(I devoured that chicken ceaser salad, hehe), and getting some good buys! Went to Walmart, Target, and to some second hand shops :) feels good to be home and winding down. May not seem like it, as fun as it was, getting out with two kiddos can be quite exhausting! Lol. Gotta love it! #momlife

House update: We have done the necessary paperwork, and we have to close by July 9th. Just waiting on the lender to get documents back from seller before we can proceed. If all goes as planned we will be homeowners in less than two weeks!!! Yay!! Cannot wait ! 

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