Monday, August 25, 2014

DIY Granite CounterTop Tutorial*Ourfirsthome*

We knew when we purchased our first home we wanted to upgrade the white Formica to something a bit modern and sleek without spending a fortune. I got to looking to Pinterest for ideas on upgrading countertops and came across faux granite tutorials and instantly fell in love. I'm a big DIY person and enjoy a fun project that I can be proud of ! And the best part is this " faux granite look " looks like real granite! At about the fraction of the cost, I was happy. And Since this is our first home, we knew this was the best way to go! So I headed down to Home Depot and picked up all the supplies we would need. 

You'll need 

- sea sponges 
-different color acrylic paints (according to what color granite you want)
- gallon of polyurethane 
- Primer (black is best choice) 
-sponge Brushes 
-blow dryer

So first things first we primed the white Formica  after taping off everything ! 

Next we started with our first acrylic paint and started sponging. Here's what it looked like! 

Pretty crazy huh! After that dried, 
Next we started with our next color and started dabbing away. 

Keep filling in all the white space. We got white primer and took us way longer than intended.So if you are going dark, get black! 

We waited until everything dried between coats before moving on to next color. 

As you can see, it is starting to have that granite effect. Keep blending and adding color where is needed. This is your canvas, create your art! ;) hehe. 

We were getting tired from late nights getting the house painted and ready for move in. But we kept going. Blending and adding color . This is time consuming as you have to have patience but I promise it's totally worth it:) 

Ah I was happy to see the results at this point. So close to the end. Once we finished letting all dry and checking spots and corners. We applied our first coat of poly using the sponge brushes to spread it out. Use a blow dryer for any bubbles. Let dry about 4-6 hours before applying second coat. We applied about 5-6 of poly. Use a sander fine grit to smooth out surface and VOILA! Enjoy your new countertops:) we also did this to our bathrooms as we'll! I'll post some pictures soon of them! Total cost of this project is under $50! Can't beat that price for the granite look in your first home;) thanks for reading and share with your friends and family. More fun diy projects coming soon ! 

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