Thursday, September 4, 2014

Use a swiffer ? Read on>>>

Everyone loves to save anyway that they can right? So what if that means saving between $10-$20 every couple weeks on something simple as a household item?


Normally I spend between $6-$12 on replaceable pads for my swiffer jet depending on how many I buy. I mop every day in my house sometime multiple times a day! I go through these so quickly so I looked up a solution to this. 
I went to my local dollars tree and bought two sham wows at $1 a piece! I cut each one in 3 sections and had 6 resusable pads I can just throw in the wash like that! And I actually like these better because It holds more liquid and gives a better clean! Who knew?? 

Also as quickly as the pads were disappearing, so was the solution. I found that running the old solution container under hot water for a minute or two does the trick and it pops right off! 
I refill mine with a mixture of vinager, water, dish soap, and a little veg oil for my wood floors. Easy peasy way to save some $$$ 

Thanks for reading!! 


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