Thursday, October 9, 2014

Diet what? #blog

Ok so you instantly think hey diet means losing weight quicker, and it does! But does it stay off? No. And usually it'll come back even more so than before. Drop the idea that you think you have to starve to lose weight. Unless your getting paid millions for a big hit film and have to drop major lbs move along. 
I'm not a know it all, but it doesn't take a genius to know diets usually don't have a long term effect. The real question then " what do I do? 
Hate to break it to ya but no magic pill is out there and if there was LET ME KNOW! ;) 

Plain and simple you look at your perception on fitness and better eating and you change it. Change your mindset into a different way of thinking about food. Hell I had Oreos yesterday and pork cracklings as snacks. But did I eat the whole bag and do I do it everyday ? No. The way I see it is if it's not there you can't eat it. I grocery shop and buy 90% healthy and 10% sweets and snacks. I like to have a few things in reach if I get that craving because we all know if we deprive ourselves of the good stuff we devour it the minute we get the chance. So feed your cravings little at a time. After I had my son I started working out slow and made it a daily habit. I made sure no matter what I did it had to atleast be 30 minutes of physical activity a day(anything). Once I did that it became easy to wake and say going to get my workout out the way. Now I stick to my two miles on my treadmill and squats with weights to stay in shape. I made a lifestyle choice and I stuck with it and although it didn't happen over night, guess what.. It happened. I wasn't trying to be super skinny and look great to show off to anyone. I was doing it for me and my own confidence and health. Start slow, change your perception, know that success doesn't happen overnight and the results will come if you stick with it!! 
Love you Guys! 

Maranda O. 

Make it a lifestyle not a chore. 😎👌 #transformationvid#transformyourbody#motivational#motivation#weightloss#postbaby#results#112lbs#happy#healthy#oneyear#goals#fitlife#fitmama#eatclean#getlean#endorphins#squats#squatlife#squatsbro#treadmillflow#fitness

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