Monday, December 1, 2014

Pb banana smoothie made easy 💋

 My favorite go smoothies always have PB and bananas! It's a sweet treat that makes you forget it's healthy. 

For this recipe I only use a few simple ingredients. Normally I would add in soy protein powder but this time I am out so its not in this one. Also u can add a scoop of yogurt too! Completely optional 

I use : 
One banana 
One table spoon peanut butter (I don't use organic just regular) 
Almond milk original  about a cup cup and half 
Ice cubes 4-5

I wanted to show you the vitamins I take too. I don't take a multivitamin as I feel I get all my nutrients in the foods I eat so I take these key vitamins for an extra energy boost among other things:) 

First I add the banana then the milk. No real order here. Again how I do it lol. 

Next I add in my PB 

Then the ice cubes! 

Blend her up til smooth! 

I pour mine into my favorite mason jar drink cup. Got it from Walmart for only $7 and comes in several colors! 

Enjoy! Excuse my Grammy Jammie's I just got out the shower and love my comfy Jammie's! Hehe 

Sometimes I like to add spinach and mix things up by adding some sugar free chocolate syrup or coconut flakes. There are tons of ways I make smoothies but this is the quickest easiest way to enjoy a good smoothie:) have a fantastic evening. 

Maranda O

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