Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Crockpot chicken penne (red sauce)🍝

Hey y'all! 

Boy am I just so thankful for a crockpot. This is had both fun and easy for me and I just love it! Can't believe I've been without one for so long hehe. I'm happy to try recipes and share them with you guys!  Below is a new recipe I tried today and it's super easy and delicious! It's crockpot chicken penne with spaghetti sauce :). 

As you all know I don't really use measurements precisely sort of go about it my own way. If your interested in trying it out check out the quick instructional vlog below as how I did it! 


What I used : 

4 skinless boneless chicken 
Whole grain penne pasta 
Bell pepper
A Tomato 
Spaghetti sauce 
Parmesan cheese 

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