Friday, January 9, 2015

Never give up *lifelessons*

I'd like to give myself a pat on the back since I never play handy woman in anything I do! Lol 
Most people who personally know me know me and  vacuum cleaners are no where near best friends. Over the last two years we have gone through 4 vacuum cleaners and it's very likely that the same issue keeps happening and after doing research it was said that most of the vacuums in landfills actually still have a lot of life in them and can be fixed. All this Time I was thinking " ok the last three have been Bissels, this time I'm trying the eureka." And I love the eureka it's suction power is so good and I like the fact you can turn off and on the suction hose. Well besides the point, my belt stopped working as they did on all the rest. So I took a screw gun and took off all the screw and opened her up for surgery. I wanted to figure out why. 
Well here's the answer. 

Yes the belt broke. Makes me wonder if all my poor vacuums that I just dumped out like garbage could have been salvaged. Probably. Oh well too late. 

So I then looked at the model number and looked for the belt type that matched and ordered 2 belts type U for the eureka off amazon(ah Amazon love it!) 

My belts came in and I followed a video I had watched on YouTube about installing a new belt. HARDER than they make it look. The rubber is so thick you gotta have superman (or woman) strength to get it on properly. But after 5 minutes of pulling and putting some muscle into it I finally got it snapped into place. Turned her on and viola ! She works!!! 

Picture of her turned on and the belt is perfect ! 

I couldn't be happier. Not only did I save money from not tossing her out to spend another $40 on a vacuum but I used my resources to find a resolution to my problem. I feel like I can relate that to real life as well. When we get tired of something or its breaks we tend to just reject it or toss it away rather than to figure out a resolution too making it work. 
Sometimes it takes effort and persistence to work things out so remember that and never give up! 💙

Love you guys! 


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