Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday: Drop it like a squat

Happy Friday Y'all!

Today, I put together a routine for targeting the legs and Glutes! It's a combination of various squats with a few added moves. I used weights for my workout, but you don't need weights for this routine to get an effective workout in! 
Grab a water bottle and start your day with squats:) 

Weights- 10lbs 

Warm up stretch. 

Squats- 3 sets of 10

30 second rest 
Lateral squats- 3 sets 10 each leg

Rest 30 seconds 

PliĆ© squats- 3 sets 10 

Rest 30 seconds

Donkey kicks- 3 sets 10 each leg

Rest 30 seconds 

Lunges- 3 sets 10 each leg 

Rest. 30 seconds

Squat thrust- 2 sets 15 

Rest 30 seconds 

Squat jumps- 20 


GREAT job!! 


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