Friday, June 27, 2014

Transformers: Age of Extinction

Headed home from the movie theatre with my sweet husband And my sleeping baby boy in the back seat. As you know from the title, we went and saw the new Transformers Movie. It was AWESOME! My favorite one hands down. I loved every minute of it from beginning to end with it's nonstop action and the good looking Mark Walburg was a nice bonus too! It was my sons first time at the movie theatre and I must say he did really good for the most part! He watched the movie, chomped on some popcorn, pulled the straw out our drink, and fell asleep. Hehe..

We enjoyed the usual large popcorn with extra butter. Yummy it was so good! 
Had a nice time having dinner before hand with my wonderful step dad. We met at Fernando's and enjoyed time together catching up like we alway do. All in all what a good evening it was indeed.

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