Wednesday, June 11, 2014

One step closer..

This morning Darren and I are meeting with the home inspector. I know this doesn't seem very exciting but it means we are one step closer to owning our first home !
I woke up earlier than I normally do, threw on some nike shorts & a tank,did my makeup routine, made coffee, and now relaxing a bit before I wake up the rest of my crew. Hehe. I was thinking about making breakfast, but ah, who wants the mess after? This mama is getting out the house today and that is an adventure in itself! (All you housewives know what I'm talking about,lol) So adding to this marvelous adventure, I'm thinking of making my hubbs stop for some yummy donuts. Mmmm. Mary Lees has the best donuts in my opinion! Just thinking about their apple Fritters makes my mouth water. That's so what I'm getting! what kind of donut is your favorite? 
Aside from breakfast talk, after home inspection is all done and hopefully everything turns out as expected, I am going to visit a good friend of mine in recovery from a "cosmetic procedure". (Think twins,lol) she has the week off from work and is resting at home, and I plan on going to with some kiddos, Netflix, an maybe even some junk food! Kick back, relax and catch up on some army wives! Happy Hump day!:))

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