Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cherish the little Things..

Well today was a productive day for me and the kids. Home inspection went great, no major issues, which was good news to hear. We highly recommend House Calls, which is the company went use for inspection. They did a very thorough check of the house and we were very pleased. After inspection we headed over my my good friend Carrie's House to visiting for a while. Relaxed and watched a Netflix movie called "Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil."It's one of my favorite comedy horrors on Netflix, lol. Carrie was sweet enough to give me some fresh yellow Squash from her beautiful vegetable Garden! Oh how I would love to start a garden of my own once we are settled in our house. We headed over to my Maw Maw Janice's house to visit for the remainder of the day. We decided to experiment with the squash and she taught me how to sautee yellow Squash. We used some Lake Lands lemon Pepper Butter and threw it in the pot and cooked it on medium until the squash was nice and "squashy" hehehe..It turned out pretty good, everyone seemed to enjoy it including my 8 Month old! He is a veggie lover and will eat just about anything :) We did our usual pot of Coffee and chit chatted like we do. Just moments like that with family puts a big smile on my face. I love being able to just sit around and socialize with my Maw Maw. She is a trip and keeps you laughing. Headed home to enjoy some dinner with my sweet family, then relax and catch up on some OITNB episodes. Until next time, Peace & love Maranda

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