Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Healthy & tasty breakfast idea

My favorite breakfast is one that has spinach in it. I love spinach so much I eat it on a daily basis and In all sorts of ways. Spinach is an amazing super food. Just look it up and see all the amazing benefits you can get from it!
This morning I made one of my favorites which is a simple sandwich jam packed with nutrition. 
I love oat nut bread and the benefits from it are great too. It contains 24 grams of whole grains and 4g fiber. I fry my eggs in olive oil and eggs are loaded with vitamins and proteins! I add in a slice of Swiss or mozzarella cheese and top it off with some  good ole spinach. This is also a great meal that keeps me fuller longer throughout the day !

Easy quick meal that is so good for you and tasty at the same time!


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