Tuesday, January 13, 2015

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Although I do my daily cardio, I always feel like by adding in some strength training moves, that will not only increase calorie burn and muscle tone but that it keep the body guessing and when the body guesses, it improves. We all feel like we've hit a plateau at one point or another with fitness whether we do the same thing everyday, miss days, or completely just stop all together. We tend to feel like we don't see results so what's the point of putting in the time right? 
Well just by adding a few simple moves a couple times a week, will increase your energy and burn fat to help you see results. After the Birth of my son in 2013, I started to do cardio to lose the post partum weight, but it wasn't until I started body weight exercises apart from my regular treadmill  routine, that I truly started seeing results. 

Try adding these moves into your routine and start seeing results !:) 

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