Thursday, January 8, 2015

Holiday after next💌

And the O goes back up again! Seems like just yesterday we were putting up our Christmas decorations for the first time in our first home. Who agrees the holiday season went by way too fast? We closed on our house in August 2014 and were so excited to be able to make some of our first memories here with Halloween, thanksgiving, and Christmas coming up. Decorating and doing fun projects with the kiddos, halloween costumes and events, down to wrapping presents and making hot cocoa by the fire. (Which we still do!)  Now it has come and gone and a new year has begun!  My favorite thing since being here is decorating for different occasions so I'm wondering if I should do valentines decor or wait out for Mardi Gras. Hmmmmm. 
My favorite place to go is the dollar tree they always have the cutest decor. I'll be making a trip tomorrow to see about maybe taking the big O back down and feeding my holiday decorating habit! We shall see! 

Maranda 💋

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