Thursday, January 8, 2015

Fun kids breakfast idea 🌈

Good morning y'all! 

Hope everyone is having a good morning so far. Our oldest is out of school for the rest of the week and requested to makeup up a breakfast idea. And although the thought of Pinterest made it seem so easy I decided to think outside of the box (or not, lol) and use our resources we had at home. My youngest Ryland kept going to the pantry cabinet grabbing the fruit loops while Emilee wanted something with pancakes. So I figured let experiment with the two together and see what we get lol. Why have chocolate chips when you can have fruity loops?! Hehe 
So I began mixing the pancake mix with the fruit loops and made a couple pancakes that way and it looked pretty good! I forgot to take a picture at the beginning but here is one of my son and I sharing his. 

Looks pretty legit right? 
They seemed to have enjoyed it. It wasn't exactly my favorite. I knew the fruit loops would be a little soggy so I wasn't a fan of that. 
So I figured why not just do it simple and toss some on top? 

Both ways are fun and although the first way isn't bad, I much prefer fruit loop topped pancakes! :) let me know if you try either of these ways and tell me what you thought! 

Much love, 💙💙


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